Tennis with Sophie is fun, energetic and dynamic tennis coaching for all ages and abilities.

What I offer:
• Coaching for all ages – 4 to 104.
• Coaching for all abilities – from those wishing to learn a new sport to club team players.
• Group lessons – I arrange weekly coaching – team up with a friend to share the benefits.
• Individual lessons – Available for all levels
• Cardio tennis – the next fitness craze, a fantastic workout and above all fun.

My additional coaching around Edinburgh
I am a member of the racquet development team with Edinburgh Council. Here we coach tennis and badminton in many of the schools around Edinburgh, encouraging all children to get active and talent spotting children to feed into local and national clubs. I work with Active Schools providing coaching during lunch hours and afterschool. I work at David Lloyd Newhaven coaching in groups and on an individual basis. I coach technique, tactics and tennis to Fettes College secondary school girls. I run the Edinburgh Sports Club Judy Murray Miss Hits programme as well as coaching programmes for the Club.

About Sophie Blake
The sole reason for becoming a tennis coach is the passion I have for both the sport itself and in helping others improve so as to have more fun playing tennis. My background is ideally suited to this end – having worked in the hotel industry  I have the people skills, teaching ability and patience to be a good coach. In 2008 on returning from a period living abroad I decided to change my career. I completed levels 1 – 3 LTA courses and I have now found the perfect career combining my skills in a sport I love. My enthusiasm for the sport comes across in my coaching style and I pack my lessons with fun whilst focusing on developing skills and match-play.