About Adult Coaching

Group adult coaching:

In the intermediate adult coaching we:
• Combine both technique and tactics
• Hit lots of balls to practise
• Combine drills and match-play
• Improve every week
• Have fun!

At Drummond the group coaching is designed to encourage adults back into tennis. Whether you used to play tennis at school or have recently taken it up or just love the sport you will be welcomed. There is also a very social side to the groups with a great opportunity to mix and meet others with similar interests.


Adult Coaching Group lessons


10.30-11.30am Technique and Tactics


11-12 Cardio Tennis


11.30-1pm Technique and Tactics


10.30-11.30am Cardio Tennis


Pay and play no booking required


Individual Coaching

£25 (member) for individual    £30 (non-member) for individual
£30 (£15 each) for 2 players
£36 (£12 each) for 3 players
£40 (£10 each) for 4 players

Pay and play no booking required

Please wear flat soled trainers to preserve the blaise courts.


Cardio tennis

Cardio tennis:
• Is set to music
• Can burn up to 800 calories each session
• Is a high impact aerobic workout
• Has a warm up, high impact drills, game orientated drills and a cool down
• Is designed to be fun, hitting lots of balls and provides a good work out

Cardio tennis is a fun, fast paced workout for players of all ages and abilities.


The Edinburgh Sports Club Ltd, 7 Belford Place, Edinburgh, EH4 3DH
T: 0131 539 7071
E: tennis@edinburghsportsclub.co.uk