Green Group: 9-10yrs


In green tennis (9-10 year olds) we:

• Develop all aspects of the game
• Learn about creating space on the court
• Further develop the tactical side of the game
• Increase the focus on match-play
• Maintain the fun element of tennis and have fun!!

The green class is the final stage before moving to full compression yellow balls. The racquets are larger, the courts are full size and the balls are just slightly softer than yellow balls. This class is aimed at children from 9-10 years old.

Kids membership for Drummond Club is from £16 per annum. Kids’ racquets and balls provided. Please wear flat soled trainers to preserve the blaise courts.

Dates 2018:

Monday Matchplay Summer Term 2018
23rd April – 25th June (10 weeks) £60
3.45-4.30pm Green

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Monday Matchplay Autumn Term 2018
27th August – 8th October (7 weeks) £45
3.45-4.30pm Green

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Fridays Summer Term 2018
20th April – 22nd June (10 weeks) £70

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Fridays Autumn Term 2018
24th August – 12th October (8 weeks) £60

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