Kids coaching

Summer Classes available to book below at Edinburgh Sports Club At The Edinburgh Sports Club Ltd, 7 Belford Place, Edinburgh, EH4 3DH T: 0131 539 7071 E:

Kids Coaching

ESC Coaching dates for 2020

Summer term starting 20 April x 10 weeks
Autumn term starting 24 August x 8 weeks

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Kids Coaching


Under 9’s Squad                               M £50 NM £80         5.30-6.30pm

Under 12’s Squad                             M £50 NM £80         6.30-7.30pm

Thursday afternoons

Red Ball Under 6 class                      M £50 NM £80         3.45-4.30pm

Green Ball Under 10 class                M £50 NM £80         4.30-5.15pm


Red Ball Class                                    M £50 NM £80         10.30-11.30am

Green/Yellow Ball Class                   M £50 NM £80         11.30-12.30pm

Whilst I place more emphasis on stage of ability in tennis more than age please use the following as a guideline.

Red Ball          Age 5-7

Orange Ball    Age 8-9

Green Ball      Age 9-10

Yellow Ball     Age 11+

For all kids coaching use this link to book.

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Adult Coaching


10.30-11.30am Technique and Tactics


11-12 Cardio Tennis


11.30-1pm Technique and Tactics


10.30-11.30am Cardio Tennis